Shot because 3 teens were “bored”

An Australian baseball player and student at ECU that was visiting his girlfriend’s home in Oklahoma when he met with a violent end.  Christopher was jogging down the street minding his own business when he was spotted by the three teens.  They then got in a car and began to follow Lane and shot him in the back!  When arrested they claimed that they reason they murdered this man in cold blood was because they were “bored and decided to kill someone”.  Can you imagine what degenerate low lifes these teens must be?  The idea that they committed a murder just out of sheer boredom really speaks to the current condition of our society.

Had this been three white kids killing a black man we would be hearing about this from every media outlet screaming how it was a hate crime.  However being that it was a white man murdered by black teens there is a noticeable shift in the way that the media is handling this case especially when compared to the recent Zimmerman case.

The teens were caught because their car was caught on near by surveillance cameras.

Parents for the teens refuse to believe that their children could have committed the murder and one parent even stated that his son was not guilty because “he did not pull the trigger”.  Apparently to this man the fact that his son participated in planning and stalking Lane does not matter.  The fact that this “youth”, as the media is portraying these violent criminals, did not actually pull the trigger means he is completely without fault according to his father.

Some members of the media are also using this as a way to continue attacks on the Second Amendment and are blaming the gun.  They are ignoring the fact that there is no way that these teens could have LEGALLY purchased a handgun.  Just like the vast majority of violent crimes where a firearm is used by those that commit these types of offenses the weapon was obtained by less than legal means.

Please do not accept the twisting manipulation of the main stream media on this issue.  Dig for the facts and get the word out.  An innocent man that was working to better his life and attending University was cruelly shot down by three little thugs that had nothing better to do than commit a cowardly murder.

Christopher Lane with his girlfriend (top).  The three murdering thugs; James Francis Edwards Jr, Chancey Allen Luna and Michael Dewayne Jones (bottom)

Christopher Lane with his girlfriend (top). The three murdering thugs; James Francis Edwards Jr, Chancey Allen Luna and Michael Dewayne Jones (bottom)

Stay safe.


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